Hydrate the skin with watermelon
Hydrate the skin with watermelon

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Hydrate the skin with watermelon

To have a perfect skin, you should hydrate it at all times, but the summer time is the period when it should be the most hydrated.

To be hydrated, you need to drink a lot of water and to consume fruits which are mostly consisted of water. The watermelon is the fruit which hydrates the skin the most.


  • Why to eat a watermelon?


  • To lose weight. You can eat watermelon without feeling guilty. You can lose weight by eating a watermelon.


  • To refresh the skin. Because during the summer time, the skin is exposed to the sun, you need to refresh it.


  • To have the perfect skin. The watermelon is rich with vitamin B. The vitamin B makes your hair and nails grow faster, calms the anxiety and improves the state of your skin.


  • To avoid the sunburns. The watermelon is rich with beta – carotene which protects the skin from the UV rays.



  • Why to use the watermelon oil?


  • To eliminate the dark circles and the bags under the eyes. The watermelon oil hydrates the skin profoundly, strengthens it and reduces the bags and the dark circles under the eyes.


  • As a natural make – up base. Because the watermelon oil closes the pores, it is a natural and organic solution which gives you a reason to apply it before applying the make – up. At the same time, the skin will be hydrated.


  • To replace the daily cream. Because the watermelon oil nourishes and hydrates the skin profoundly, you can use it as a replacement of the daily cream.


  • To have an anti – age effect. The watermelon oil has an anti – age effect since it’s a very powerful anti – oxidant.


  • A watermelon face mask to benefit from all of its virtues:


  • Ingredients:


  • 1/2 watermelon slice
  • 1 soupspoon of honey
  • 1 mashed potato

Blend the mashed potato with the watermelon and add the honey in the mixture.

Apply the mask on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it up with a lukewarm water.


The watermelon and the watermelon oil are suitable and beneficial for all skin types.