Hydrate the skin with those homemade facial masks
Hydrate the skin with those homemade facial masks

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Hydrate the skin with those homemade facial masks


The skin hydration is essential in order to have a healthy skin. It is very important to stay hydrated to avoid serious diseases. It is not sufficient to only drink water to have a hydrated skin. You should also apply masks once in a week.

The homemade masks are very efficient, natural, organic and economical.



  1. Banana and honey mask. This mask nourishes and hydrates the skin profoundly. The banana is a very powerful antioxidant and it is rich in vitamins and minerals. The honey is the most hydrating ingredient.

To prepare it, you need to mix one mashed banana with 1 soupspoon of honey.

After applying, the mask should be left on the face for 20 minutes and should be rinsed with a lukewarm water afterwards.


  1. Cucumber and aloe vera mask. This mask is mega hydrating. Both the cucumber and the aloe vera clean the skin profoundly.

In order to make it, you need to mix ½ of cucumber with 2 soupspoons of an aloe vera gel.

The mask should be left for 30 minutes and rinsed with a cold water.


  1. Olive oil, honey and lemon juice mask. All of the three ingredients of this mask are very hydrating, nourishing and cleansing.

You will need a bowl to mix 4 soupspoons of olive oil, 2 soupspoons of honey and 1 soupspoon of lemon juice.

The mask should be rinsed with a cold water after 20 minutes of its application.


  1. Aloe vera and honey mask. Both the aloe vera and the honey are the most hydrating ingredients. This is why the aloe vera gel or the honey are part of almost every recipe for a homemade mask.

To prepare the most hydrating mask, you will need to mix a small quantity of aloe vera gel and a small quantity of honey. The quantity is as about 1 big soupspoon. We can’t precise one soupspoon, because it is more than one soupspoon, but it is not two soupspoons.

It is very easy afterwards, you only mix the two quantities and apply the paste on the face. The mask should be left for 20 minutes and rinsed with a lukewarm water.