How to wear the green makeup?
How to wear the green makeup?

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How to wear the green makeup?

The green makeup is the latest trend for the current season. Either the light green eyeshadows or the dark green eyeliner with glitters, the green is very modern this year. But, sometimes we're not sure which lipstick, which blush, which highlighter or even which clothes wear to with it. 

A green makeup is glamorous and is for the persons who are self confident. 



- The green makeup is perfect for brown or black eyes. The best makeup is the one which emphasizes the eyes and which makes a contrast. The green makeup is perfect for the dark eyes because it makes a contrast with them. 

If you have green or blue eyes, you should avoid it. 

If you have dark eyes, you can also use a green mascara, but not at the same time with green eyeshadows. If you've put green eyeshadows, you have to use a black mascara.


- Which eyeliner with green eyeshadows? The latest trend, eyes with apple green eyeshadows go very well with apple green eyeliner or with a lime eyeliner. You'll need a mascara and you're ready to go. The green speaks for itself. 

The other trend, a pine green eyeliner with glitters goes very well with a black eyeliner. You actually put a pine green eyeliner with glitters, and than you apply the black eyeliner on the corners of the pine green eyeliner. The black eyeliner shouldn't have glitter. 


- Which lipstick to wear with green makeup? Because the eyes which have green makeup on them attract the attention, the lips should be neutral. 

It is the best to use a nude or a brown lipstick. 

You can also use a nude lip gloss or a clear lip gloss. 

You can make your lips look bigger with the help of a lip pencil, but its color should be much different from the lipstick color.