How to use the rose petals for a face care?
How to use the rose petals for a face care?

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How to use the rose petals for a face care?

You received a gift. It was a rose bouquet.

You have a garden in your yard and you have roses in your garden.

Did you know that you can use the rose petals? No need to throw them away.

The rose has a lot of benefits for the skin.



  • Prepare a rose water. The rose water is a natural toner, which cleanses the skin profoundly. The rose water is recommended for a sensitive and for a dry skin. To prepare a natural rose water, you will need:


  • 5 dl of a distilled water
  • 20 g of sea salt
  • Rose petals

You need to add the distilled water in a large jar. You add the sea salt and you mix it. You add the rose petals.

You leave it for 4 days. After 4 days it can be used.


  • A homemade mask out of rose petals. The rose refreshes the skin and it cleanses it deeply. To enjoy in its exotic parfum, you can make a homemade mask out of its petals. To prepare the mask, you will need:


  • Petal powder
  • Honey

To make a petal powder, you only have to grind the petals.

Afterwards, it is very easy: you mix the honey with the petal powder.

You leave the mask for 15 minutes and you rinse it with a lukewarm water.


  • Rose petals against the dark circles. A lot of women have a problem with the dark circles. To get rid of the dark circles you only need rose petals. You crush them and you put them around your eyes.


  • Fight the pimples with the rose petals. Because the rose has an antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory effect, you can use the rose petals to make a rose powder. The rose powder can be used to remedy the acne, the pimples and the blackheads, but, it can also be used as a dry shampoo.


The natural and organic cosmetics are always the better choice for everybody.

Why buy and pay for rose based products, when you can use the roses that you already have.