How to treat the sunburns on the scalp?
How to treat the sunburns on the scalp?

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How to treat the sunburns on the scalp?

A lot of you already know a way on how to treat the sunburns on the face and on the body, but there is one question that has not been answered yet for many: How to prevent and treat the sunburns on the scalp?

The scalp skin is very sensitive and we ask ourselves how can we treat it when there is a hair on it? Can we use the same products that we use for treating the body’s skin burns? Surely, we cannot put a sunscreen lotion.


  • Wear a hat. To prevent the sunburns on the scalp, one should wear a hat. The hat gives a 100% guarantee that your scalp won’t get burns.


  • Use aloe vera gel. Just like the aloe vera helps in treating the sunburns on the face and on the body, it can help in treating the scalp sunburns too. The aloe vera gel hydrates the skin profoundly and it can make your hair grow faster.


  • Apply a cooling gel. The cooling gel doesn’t have an oily structure and it hydrates the skin very well. It will repair the skin on the scalp and it will cool it out.


  • Wash the hair with a cold water. Until the scalp’s skin is repaired, the hair should be washed with a cold water. Otherwise, you will experience pain as the skin has already been burned.


  • Put a coconut oil. The coconut oil is very hydrating and it is known for repairing the skin very fast. You can put it on the scalp to avoid having more severe wounds.


  • Save the scalp with a calendula oil. The calendula oil repairs the skin very fast and one of its characteristics is remedying different skin burns. It is the perfect solution for sunburns on the scalp.


  • Drink a lot of water. To prevent the scalp skin burns, one should drink a lot of water. The water helps with repairing and cooling the skin faster. It is very important to be hydrated in order to avoid more dangerous symptoms.


Because the scalp skin is very sensitive, we should protect it as we can.