How to treat the scalp?
How to treat the scalp?

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How to treat the scalp?

The scalp is the skin on the scull.

We have a habit of treating the hair, but not the scalp.

All of the hair problems are caused by a bad sculp treatment.

To have a healthy hair, one should have a healthy scalp.

We have the best advices on how to treat the scalp, in order to have healthy hair.



  • Nourish the scalp. Just like we need to nourish the face skin and the body, we should also nourish the scalp. We need to use essential oils to get rid of all the hair problems and to stimulate the hair growth.

For an antibacterial effect, you need to use: tea tree oil, garlic oil, blackseed oil.

To stimulate the hair growth, use those oils: garlic oil, blackseed oil, calendula oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil.


You can’t make an error by using any oil. Every oil has its benefits for the scalp and your hair will be shiny. The oils improve the blood’s circulation and a good circulation means hair growth.

It is not forbidden to use the oils every time before washing the hair. You apply several drops of your favorite oil and you let it sit for 30 minutes. You wash your hair with your shampoo afterwards.


  • Which shampoo to use? The type of the shampoo is very important, as the shampoo can irritate the sculp. You have to forget about the chemical shampoos which irritate the sculp and cause a hair loss. You should use natural and bio shampoos which can be used every day. You can also make your own homemade shampoo.

Regarding the type of the shampoo, the same rules apply as for the type of skin. It is very important to understand that sometimes, the hair type depends on the skin type.

Very often, the persons with an oily skin, have an oily hair too.

So, you won’t make a mistake if for the shampoo, you will choose the same main ingredients as for your daily face cream.