How to tell if you don’t use the right skin products
How to tell if you don’t use the right skin products

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How to tell if you don’t use the right skin products

Every skin type is different, so each skin should receive the proper care according to its needs.

What is common for every skin type, is that each skin should get a facial treatment. Everybody needs to make regular scrubs and hydrate the skin with masks, oils and creams.

If the skin doesn’t get the proper care, the skin will be with acne, it will be very dry or very shiny.



  1. A very dry skin. You use both the day and the night cream, but the skin is still not hydrated? The skin doesn’t get hydrated by creams only. Every dehydrated organism and every dehydrated skin need water. Our body is consisted of 80% of water, so the water is essential in order for the organism to function properly. One should drink water and hydrate the skin profoundly. To hydrate the skin profoundly you need to: make facials (at home or at a beauty salon), you need to use oils and very hydrating creams. The calendula, olive, argan, seaweed and aloe vera based creams are recommended for a very dry skin.


  1. A very oily skin which shines all the time. You use tonics, face creams, you do it all and you can’t stop the skin from being shiny? An oily shiny skin is a sign that the skin is very treated and dried. Every tonic dries the skin. The tonics clean the skin profoundly, but they don’t control the excess of sebum. In order not to have a shiny skin, you have to control the excess of sebum. If you dry the skin, the skin produces even more sebum, so you actually have a counter – effect. You should also do facials, but you shouldn’t use tonics every day. You should also hydrate the skin.


  1. A skin with acne. The acne is a skin disease. It is very important to treat acne. You shouldn’t make experiments if you have acne. You need to see a dermatologist or to use natural or homemade products. With acne is very important to find the cause of it, before finding the proper care.