How to take care of your hands naturally?
How to take care of your hands naturally?

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How to take care of your hands naturally?


The hands are very important for a good first impression. People notice if you take a good care of your hands, if your hands are gentle and nourished and if your nails are well done and clean.

A lot of people have a problem with dry hands. During winter time, it is impossible to soften them and during summer time their hands are also dry.

We have some natural ways of softening the hands during the whole year.



  • Hydrate the hands. It is essential to hydrate the hands. You need to use hand creams based on seaweed, calendula and aloe vera. Because sometimes, the dry hands are a result of a hand cream, you can also use a pure aloe vera gel to hydrate them.

You also need to drink a lot of water.


  • Take vitamin B. If your hands are dry, you need to take supplements of vitamin B. The vitamin B is responsible for a soft skin, so if your hands are dry, your organism lacks a vitamin B. Because the vitamins stay in the organism for a day only, you have to take a vitamin B every day.


  • Nourish the hands. To have soft hands, you need to nourish them. For dry hands, you have to use hand creams based on calendula. The calendula nourishes the hands, remedies the dry hands and can help soothe the eczema and other skin diseases. You can also use calendula oil or, you can add several drops of calendula oil in your hand cream.


  • Scrub the hands. In order to have beautiful and soft hands, you have to scrub them regularly. It is better to use scrubs based on sea salt, but, you can also make homemade scrubs.


  • Wash the hands with a lemon juice. The lemon juice has an antibacterial effect on the hands. Sometimes, the hands are dry, due to an infection. You need to wash the hands with a lemon juice every morning and every evening.


You need to take a good care of your hands. If the problem is very serious, you will need to visit your dermatologist.