How to take care of sensitive skin?
How to take care of sensitive skin?

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How to take care of sensitive skin?

Both an oily skin and a dry skin can be sensitive.

It is very difficult to find the right care for treating the sensitive skin. We cannot use the regular products for our skin types. The regular products may contain substances that irritate the sensitive skin.

It is very common that the sensitive skin gets irritated by other external factors.



  • Use only natural products. So, the skin doesn’t get irritated it should be treated with only natural, bio and homemade products.

For an oily sensitive skin, for a combination sensitive skin and for a sensitive skin with acne, it is recommended to use a tea tree oil, which is a true miracle for those types of skin. It controls the sebum, it remedies acne and it has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect on the skin.

It is very difficult to find the right care for a sensitive skin with acne, so the solution would be to use natural products only, which don’t irritate the skin.

For a dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a calendula oil. The calendula oil is very nourishing and it remedies the redness on the skin.


  • Keep your skin hydrated. Not only the dry skin should be hydrated. Every type of skin should be hydrated, because very often the acne is caused by lack of hydration. There are anti – acne products that eliminate the whole quantity of sebum, which results in producing more acne.

The best natural solution for keeping your skin hydrated at all times and for curing the redness, is the aloe vera gel. The aloe vera gel can be used by all skin types.

If the skin is sensitive because of the sun, the aloe vera gel can protect and remedy the skin after the sun’s influence.


  • Start having a beauty routine. Because the skin’s sensitivity can be caused by different external factors, you should start having a beauty routine to protect it from them.

You should find the products suitable for your skin that you will use every morning and every night, so the skin receives the hydration needed.


Because the skin is the biggest organ, it needs to be protected from the external factors, in order to receive the needed care.