How to stimulate the collagen's production?
How to stimulate the collagen's production?

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How to stimulate the collagen's production?

The collagen is the most important protein for the skin. The collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin's tissues, the bones and the ligaments. The body produces collagen, but at 36 years old, the collagen's production. declines. The collagen's declination leads to a poor elasticity, so the skin aging begins. Today there are other exterior factors and foods which cause premature skin aging. This means that the lack of collagen can occur earlier than at 36 years old. 



- Prevent the premature aging. To prevent the premature aging, you need to start using anti - aging products from the age of 25. Because we might be doubtful about the efficiency of those products, we can also use essential and vegetable oils which have an anti - aging effect on the skin. 

For the body, we can use lotions which strengthen the skin or to do some scrubs based on coffee. The coffee is an ally when it comes to skin strengthening.


- Consume vitamin C. The vitamin C stimulates the collagen's production. We can consume the vitamin C by taking some food supplements or by eating food rich with vitamin C. Kiwi, broccoli, peppers and citrus fruits are rich with vitamin C.

There are also some face serums rich with vitamin C. Another way is to use a sweet orange oil, which is also rich with vitamin C. You need to put several drops of this oil in your night cream. 


- Hydrate the skin. A dehydrated skin leads to decreased collagen production. The body's  and the skin's dehydration can cause many diseases of the body and of the skin. A dehydrated skin is a skin which has a premature aging. 

So, you need to hydrate the skin by using masks, creams, oils and you need to drink a lot of water and to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. 


If you take regular care of your skin and if you detoxify the skin, you will have healthy skin and you will stimulate the collagen's production.