How to save money when buying cosmetics?
How to save money when buying cosmetics?

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How to save money when buying cosmetics?

Because we are beauty addicts, we can spend the last cent to buy beauty products.

There are products which don’t cost a lot and which are just effective as the ones that are expensive. But sometimes we should avoid the cheapest products because we can’t put whatever on the skin. So, how can we deploy money?



  • You shouldn’t buy an expensive lipstick. Yes, you read that correctly: you shouldn’t buy an expensive lipstick. And you ask why? It’s because no matter the quality of the lipstick and no matter the brand, you can make your lipstick last for a very long time by applying a compact powder. You apply the compact powder on the lips before you apply the lipstick. It is the secret of every makeup artist.


  • But you should invest in your compact powder because it can save the makeup on your eyes too. You should apply a compact powder before applying anything else on the eyes. Your eye makeup will last until you remove it.


  • Invest in the mascara. Because you saved money on the lipstick, on the eye shadows and on all of the eye makeup, now you should definitely invest in the mascara. You should buy a little bit more expensive mascara, but not very much expensive. The cheap mascaras dry the eyelashes and their liquid soon becomes dry, which results with small rounds on the eyelashes. Those small rounds of dried liquid make the eyelashes heavy and you risk losing your eyelashes. So, it is definitely better to use a more expensive mascara which won’t cause you problems and which will last longer. The cheaper mascaras last for two months and more expensive ones for even a year, even if you use them every day.

To save up money on all the other beauty products, you should start doing them at home. The homemade products are nontoxic and are always better and safer for your health.