How to repair the skin from the winter?
How to repair the skin from the winter?

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How to repair the skin from the winter?

The spring is almost here and some of you are prepared and some of you aren't. It is possible that during the winter time, you didn't find the right care for your skin, so your skin is now dry and dehydrated.

Because it was cold and now sunny days are coming, your skin is still not adapted.



- The spring is usually very sunny. In spring it can be sunny, unlike in winter when we rarely saw some sun rays. But the sun rays can be harmful just like they're during the summer time. You have to start protecting the skin from the UV rays. You need to choose a daily cream, a BB cream or a face powder with a SPF protection. Even in spring the skin can develop brown spots.


- Exfoliate. To get rid of the dry skin, you have to exfoliate it regularly. For the skin on the body, you can use scrubs based on essential oils which nourish the skin and for the skin on the face, you can use some nourishing face masks adapted on your skin type. The black mask is recommended for any skin type.


- Don't forget to remove the makeup. If you don't remove your makeup, because your skin is still dry from the winter weather, the pores are closed so the skin can't breathe and it becomes even drier. It is essential to remove the makeup, in order to avoid having a gray and thin skin.


- A good water temperature. You shouldn't use a hot water when taking the shower. The hot water is not good for the hair nor for the skin. You should take a shower with a lukewarm water in order to hydrate the skin and in order to avoid having a dry skin.


- Repair the skin with a monoï. The monoï repairs the dry skin. In order to hydrate it, you can use lotions or body washes based on monoï.


No matter the season, the skin must be nourished and hydrated.