How to recognize if a product is really natural?
How to recognize if a product is really natural?

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How to recognize if a product is really natural?

We already know that the natural products are the best for the environment, for us and for our health. 

But how can we know if a product is really natural? We don't have a habit of reading the product's label and we don't pay attention to its content. 

Because we live in a world where the marketing sells the products, we can't really know if a product is dangerous to be used.



The nomenclature of the essential oils. If it's noted that a product is natural based on rose essential oil or on some other oil, we can look on its label to find the mark. The essential oils have a suffix "-ol".

Of course that the essential oils can cause allergies or irritations, but the cases of allergies are pretty rare. It is normal that some persons can be allergic to some essential oil.


- Make a difference between natural and bio cosmetics. A lot of people don't make a difference between natural and bio cosmetics. They think that it's the same. But no, bio cosmetics is not the same as natural cosmetics. The difference is that all of the producers can state that their cosmetic is natural. The producers can have a deceptive policy. But, if the cosmetics are bio, than the consumers are protected, because the bio products and their labels are regulated by the law. 


- Read the labels. The labels are always written in English or in Latin. The ingredients are always in Latin or in English according to the list of INCI. INCI is an abbreviation for "International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredient".

The ingredients which are written in Latin are natural and the ingredients written in English are chemical ingredients.


- Avoid ingredients containing PEGs. The abbreviation PEG stands for "Polyethylene glycol". The PEGs are forbidden in the bio products. So if a natural product contains PEG, the product is not really natural. 

It is very strange that the bio sunscreens which protect from the UV rays are not very efficient. The sunscreens which are not organic protect the skin from the sun.


You need to be careful in order not to have health consequences.