How to prolong a sun tan?
How to prolong a sun tan?

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How to prolong a sun tan?

Yes it's winter, but you went skiing and now you have a tan. Or, you were at the beauty saloon and did a solarium, but you can't go to the saloon all the time and you want to prolong your sun tan for as long as possible. 



- Hydrate the skin. To preserve your sun tan, you have to hydrate the skin every day. You have to drink a lot of water and use a thermal water to strengthen the skin on the face. It is difficult to prolong the sun tan on your face because you wash it and rub it every day, but the thermal water is an efficient solution which allows you to hydrate the skin easily. 


- Nourish the skin. After the cold weather, the skin is dry and it should be nourished. You need to use face creams based on vitamins and body lotions rich with antioxidants. You should also use an aloe vera gel which nourishes and hydrates the skin profoundly and it can be used for both, the face and the body. You can also use some essential oils which have the same power as the aloe vera gel. If you don't want to use the oils directly on the skin, you can add some drops of them in your face cream or in your body lotion. The most repairing oil is the coconut oil which regenerates the skin profoundly.


- Do a gentle scrub. It is very important to do a scrub in order to get rid of the toxins and in order to eliminate the dead cells, but doing a scrub can make your golden tan vanish. In order not to have a counter effect, you need to use a gentle scrub, in order to prolong your sun tan. You need to mix essential oils with your regular scrub, in order to diminish the effect of the scrub.


- Use a self-tanning makeup. In order to get the effect of the sun tan, you need to use oriental makeup, like golden or bronze eye shadows and nude lipstick. This type of makeup has an effect of visually suntanned skin or it emphasizes the tan which is already golden or bronze.