How to prevent an apparition of wrinkles?
How to prevent an apparition of wrinkles?

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How to prevent an apparition of wrinkles?

From the age of 25 you need to start preventing an apparition of wrinkles. If you're lucky and if you have good genes, you might not have wrinkles, even if you don't care to prevent them. But, if you're not amongst the lucky ones, you will have to take a good care of your skin.

Don't worry, with our advices you can have a glowing skin. 



- Hydrate the skin. To avoid having wrinkles, the first thing you need to do is to hydrate the skin. There are two ways to hydrate the skin: by drinking water and by using a face cream.

You need to drink at least 1,5 l of water per day, in order to have a hydrated skin.

Regarding the cream, you need to use a daily and a night cream, which are adapted on your skin type. 


- Avoid the sun. The UV rays are harmful and can cause a lot of skin diseases, such as acne and skin cancer, brown spots and wrinkles. So you will also have to forget about a solarium. 

To protect the skin from the sun, even in winter, especially if you go skiing, you need to use sunscreens with a protection against the UV rays.


- Do a face gym. You need to do sports, in order to stay in a good mood, in a good health and to get rid of the toxins, but you should also do a face gym, in order to prevent an apparition of wrinkles.

There are several exercises which prevent wrinkles which you do by changing the facial expression. 


- The vitamins are "a must" for the skin. The vitamins are essential for a good skin function. You need to have a balanced diet and you also need to take additional vitamin supplements, in order to get the sufficient dose of vitamins for the skin. The daily life which is very fast and very stressful can make your organism use the vitamins faster. So a balanced diet is not enough in order to have the needed dose of vitamins.

You should also use vitamin based cosmetic products.