How to prepare the skin for winter?
How to prepare the skin for winter?

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How to prepare the skin for winter?


It is still autumn, but it is very cold. The wind intensifies and our skin becomes dry.

Everybody has a problem with the skin in winter, no matter the skin type.

The skin should always be well prepared before each season. But the skin should be especially prepared before winter time, in order to avoid having a dry skin.



  • Protect the skin from the sun. No matter if it’s autumn or winter, it is essential to protect the skin for the UV rays. The sun is the reason for many skin diseases and is one of the main factors that cause premature skin aging.

Even if the temperature is very low, it is your responsibility to use sunscreens and to eat foods rich with beta – carotene.


  • Don’t forget to take care of your body. In winter we usually wear clothes that cover our body, but that is not a reason for forgetting to take care of it. Because of the cold, the skin becomes dry. It is also true that the face and the hands suffer the most, but we should also take care of our body. You need to use body washes based on essential oils, which nourish the skin profoundly.


  • Do exercises. The dry skin is also a result of a bad circulation. It is essentials to do sports even in winter. You shouldn’t do sports just to get thinner, but because the sport is very beneficial for the general health and it’s the reason for a glowing skin. You will also resolve the problem with the lack of energy.


  • The facial creams are not enough. The facial creams don’t nourish the skin in winter. Your skin should be nourished profoundly. The solution would be to use essential oils in order to nourish the skin and to eat foods rich with vitamin B and C.

The shea butter is very effective when in comes to nourishing the skin in winter.


It is also very important to protect the face with a scarf, in order to avoid the temperature shock. The shocks are common when you leave a heated room and go outside on the cold.