How to prepare the skin for the Valentine's Day
How to prepare the skin for the Valentine's Day

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How to prepare the skin for the Valentine's Day

We have already some ideas about our Valentine's Day makeup, but we should also prepare the skin in advance.  A beautiful skin is 50% a good makeup.

Your skin should be perfect if you decide to stay at home, because if you stay at home you won't wear a lot of makeup.



- Hydrate the skin. The skin should always be well hydrated. You should use a day cream and a night cream, which hydrate the skin profoundly.


- Hydrate the hands. The woman's hands should always be well nourished and with proper nails. You should use very nourishing hand creams which hydrate the skin profoundly.


- Take hot baths more often. To get rid of the stress, to nourish the skin, to relax and to hydrate the skin, you should take hot baths more often before and even after the Valentine's Day. When you will have the time you can choose your favorite bath bomb and enjoy in its virtues.


- Exfoliate the skin. If you want to have a beautiful skin, you need to exfoliate it once a week. So it is better to have this habit during the whole year, but if you don't have it, you should start doing it right away as soon as possible. You should use face masks and scrubs which are adapted on your skin type.


- Eat carrots. To have a beautiful skin and a sun protected skin, you need to start eating carrots. 

The carrots are rich with carotene, which nourishes the skin and protects it from the sun. 


- Use body lotions. To have a soft skin and a beautiful decollete, you should use body lotions which hydrate and nourish the skin profoundly. 


If you stay at home with your partner, you can buy a massage oil. The massage oils have an anti - stress effect and nourish the skin profoundly. You will have a good time with your love.