How to perfectly apply your foundation
How to perfectly apply your foundation

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How to perfectly apply your foundation

Foundation is created to make our skin glowing without any imperfections like acne, blemishes, scars and so on... However not always the result (despite our best efforts), is satisfying and instead of smooth and silky skin texture, we end up with “chalky mask”.

But doing our makeup isn’t some mystery that only make-up artists know about, but it is a simple process with a simple technique followed by a few simple “rules” that'll help us get the most beautiful, yet natural-looking finish.

First: it is crucial to remove the makeup and wash the face every single night! If there is still some leftover makeup, oil, or grime, in the morning clean the skin with a cotton pad and start the foundation routine with a clean, oil-free skin.

Second:  although foundations have a bad rap for looking dry and flaky, even the heaviest of matte foundations can still look soft and natural, as long as the skin is correctly prepared and hydrated with a good moisturizing cream. After cleansing, apply a thin layer of moisturizer all over the face except the eyelids and let the cream sink in for few minutes before applying the foundation. Then apply the creamy, medium-coverage, with a matching skin tone and shade foundation as follows:

  • Add two pumps to the palm, and then dub the foundation onto the skin with a foundation brush. Start at the center of the face and blend it outward.
  • Gently dap the skin with a damp makeup sponge and do not smudge or swipe the area. This way the foundation will seamlessly melt into the skin. Use the pointed tip of the sponge to blend out the foundation around the nose and eyes.
  • And in terms of acne scarring or redness, tap on a concealer with the ring finger and let it sit for few minutes, then lightly bounce the tip of the sponge over the concealer to blend it out without smudging it off. In this case use a thicker, full-coverage formula.
  • To keep the foundation from slipping, dust a translucent powder over the T-zone with a powder brush.
  • At the end dip the brush in the powder and apply it over the forehead, nose, and chin in soft, concentric circles.