How to nourish the skin this winter?
How to nourish the skin this winter?

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How to nourish the skin this winter?

We should take care of our skin regularly, during the whole year, but it is in winter when we should take care of it the most. It is in winter when the skin is the driest. No matter the skin type, everybody should nourish the skin. Even the oiliest skin can become dry in winter. You should give the right treatment to your skin in order to nourish it, so you can have a healthy skin in winter.



  • Nourish the skin during the night. To have a healthy skin, you should nourish it during the night by using night creams or essential oils. The night creams are richer and more nutritious than the daily creams and they regenerate the skin profoundly.

Regarding the essential oils, the argan and the sweet almond oil are the best ones to nourish the skin during the night.

During the night, the skin regenerates and those oils can improve its state.


  • Use a body milk. Not only that we should nourish the skin on the face, but we should also nourish the body skin. The clothes dry the skin out. This is why we should nourish it. This means that after every shower, we should use a hydrating body milk which nourishes and regenerates the skin. The best body milks are the ones based on milk and honey. It is also better to use natural and organic body milks.


  • The shea butter – your savior in winter. The shea butter is a natural and organic butter which remedies even the driest skin. It is a butter which is regenerative and nutritive and which can be used for the face, the body and the scalp. If you want to get results very quickly, you should change your face cream or your body lotion with a shea butter.


  • Use a hydrating body wash. Because some soaps can disbalance the pH of the skin, it is better to use very hydrating body washes which are creamy. The creamy body washes are more hydrating and nourishing than the other types of body washes. It is also better to use natural and biological body washes.