How to make-up properly those wrinkled eyes
How to make-up properly those wrinkled eyes

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How to make-up properly those wrinkled eyes

Wrinkles forming over the eyes aren’t something unexpected. As we get old those wrinkles will appear more and more. This is perfectly normal in aging. But, we shouldn’t despair as there are ways through which we can easily create a different look in our eyes by hiding the wrinkles. Let us discuss the makeup tips through which we can make ourselves look totally different.  

For those with wrinkled eyes we have some effective make up tips. Only with the right makeup technique and tools we can make disappear those annoying wrinkles in a minute.   

  1. Concealer and makeup

Concealers are one of the best make up tools that help in covering the wrinkles that form near the eyes. The concealer should be putted exactly on the wrinkled area of the eyes with the help of a brush or fingers. After applying of the foundation there should be a coat over the skin so that no wrinkle should be seen. But, since there isn’t any foundation that can make the skin complete, a face powder should be applied on the eye area too. The other important tools are eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. The use of a two-tone eye shadow over the eye lid along with some highlights will lift the eyes and make them look attractive. The next step is applying the mascara and the eyeliner.


  1. Eye lashes

Eye wrinkles can be easily covered with the help of the eye lashes. Yes, the camouflage is the best mechanism to make the eyes look attractive.


  1. Foundation and powder on crow’s feet

The foundation and the powder can fit into the creases of the eye lines and make the wrinkles and fine line visible much more. Thus, it will be better not to use the foundation as well as the makeup powder over the crow’s feet. The best way to hide those wrinkles will be applying the concealers on those affected area.


  1. Dark circles

The dark circles can also be one of the reasons behind the unattractiveness and looking aged. The good old friend, the concealer, will be a good consideration in this situation too.


  1. Make-up removal

At the end of the day, it is really important to remove the make-up before going to bed. Washing the face with a cleanser, and then applying a toner and moisturizer will keep the skin healthy and hard to get wrinkles around the eyes.