How to make eye shadows at home
How to make eye shadows at home

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How to make eye shadows at home

The eye shadows can be found in different colors. Sometimes, it can happen that we don’t find our desirable color. Sometimes, we can find it, but it costs a lot, so we can’t afford it.

The process of making eye shadows at home is very satisfying. It is very interesting and you can create a unique color.

There are several methods of creating eye shadows at home.

Our favorite method is the one with the mica powder. You can find it in the leisure shops or online. There are several types of mica, but you should buy it pure. There are so many different colors of the mica powder, so you can mix them until you get the desirable color.


Your guide for the color mixture:


  • Mixing two colors:


  • Yellow + red = orange
  • Yellow + blue = green
  • Yellow + green = anis
  • Yellow + orange = orange
  • Red + blue = cardinal red
  • Magenta + purple = burgundy
  • Magenta + orange = vermillion
  • Cyan + purple = violet
  • Cyan + green = carribean


  • Mixing three colors:


  • Dark orange + white + orange = watermelon
  • Yellow + orange + white = sunflower
  • Blue + petrol blue + white = ocean mist color
  • Petrol blue + yellow + white = lime
  • Violet + dark orange + white = burgundy
  • Orange + dark orange + yellow = tangerine

Another recipe on how to make eye shadows at home is with the corn flour powder as an ingredient, which is used for the base of your eye shadow. This is the entire recipe:

  • corn flour powder
  • mica powder
  • 20 drops of a sweet almond essential oil

You should mix all of the ingredients together until you get a homogenous mixture.

Because the eyes are the mirror of the soul, you have the possibility of sublimating them. With the homemade eye shadows, you can very easily adapt your make up on your clothes and on your mood.