How to make a perfume at home
How to make a perfume at home

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How to make a perfume at home

There are different types of perfumes: perfumes that smell like flowers, perfumes that smell like a chocolate, perfumes that have a sweet smell etc.

Sometimes, it is very hard to find the perfect perfume. Sometimes, even if it’s found, it costs a lot. But, however, in all of the perfumes that we buy in the shops there are different toxins which cause skin irritations and allergies especially when applied on a sensitive skin. Everything that is natural is always the best choice for everybody and for his/her health.

Because we would like to help you make the best choice for your health, we have found the way to make a perfume at home.

In order to make the recipe, you will need:

  • Essential oils
  • A sterilized glass bottle
  • 100 ml of alcohol at 70 ° bought at the pharmacist’s (that is equal to 3 small spoons of alcohol)

Because you have the choice to put several different essential oils, you should put 5 – 15 ml of each in another bottle. That makes 25 drops in total. Afterwards, you put the alcohol. When you put it, you need to wait for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, you should filter the perfume in the sterilized bottle and it is ready to be used.

You need to know that each perfume is composed of 3 types of notes: base notes, heart notes and top notes.

The base notes make the base of your perfume. You need to add something that will unite the molecules of the smell. You can add: jojoba oil, incense, essential oil from sweet orange, patchouli or bergamot. Those odors will stay on your skin for several days.

The top notes are the first to be felt after you apply the perfume.  You can add: mandarin, grapefruit essential oil, basil, vanilla, chamomile or more orange.

You are able to smell the heart notes several hours after the top notes disappear.  You may add: rose, lavender, cinnamon, sweet orange, jasmine or geranium.

The perfumes which have an essential oil as a base can be therapeutical perfumes which will help you reduce the stress. So, what are you waiting for? You should go and make your own perfume.