How to make a homemade lipstick?
How to make a homemade lipstick?

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How to make a homemade lipstick?

After the mascara, the lipstick is an essential product for every woman.
Today there are a lot of companies which produce different kinds of lipsticks. There are matte, glossy, or liquid lipsticks.
We are able to find any lipstick color we dream of.
But, the companies don't use natural products and test their products on animals.
It is always a better idea to make your own homemade lipstick.



- Matte lipstick. The matte lipstick is always a good idea for the persons who don't wear glossy lipsticks.
This recipe is for a red lipstick.
To create 4 lipsticks you will need:

*10 g of avocado oil
*1 drop of vitamin E
*5 g of cocoa butter
*5 drops of lavender essential oil
*4 g of beeswax
*3. 5 g of red clay
*1 g of arrowroot

Mix the oils, the butter and the beeswax. Heat the mixture in order to melt it.
In another bowl, mix the arrowroot and the red clay.
When the first mixture is melted, add the second mixture in it. Mix it well and add the vitamin E.
Place the mixture in tubes of empty lipsticks and put the tubes in the fridge.
The lipsticks are ready to be used when they're well cooled. 


A lipstick of your choice. Another method for creating a homemade lipstick which is similar to the first one, is this one:

*You melt a coconut oil, a beeswax and a Shea butter.

*When the mixture is melted, add a lipstick color. As a lipstick color you can use spices or natural food colorants. You can also mix two colors in order to obtain your favorite color. 

*If you're satisfied with the color, put the mixture in an empty lipstick tube and let it cool.

Both of the recipes are made with a natural ingredients and you can be sure that those lipsticks are healthy.