How to make a hair detox at home?
How to make a hair detox at home?

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How to make a hair detox at home?

There are several types of detox. We make a detox on the whole organism and on the skin. The detox of the organism is important for a proper function of the organs, because the detox helps us get rid of the accumulated toxins. With the skin detox we also get rid of the accumulated toxins.

The hair detox is a detox on the scalp. In order to grow the hair faster and in order to have a healthy hair, it is essential to do a hair detox.



  • Always use natural and organic products. To detoxify the scalp, you should always use natural and organic products. All the other products contain toxins and allergens which accumulate on the scalp and which cause a hair loss.

The toxins in the cosmetic products can provoke other diseases and endocrine disruption.


  • Exfoliate regularly. In order to have a healthy scalp and a healthy hair, you have to exfoliate the scalp regularly. For its exfoliation, you should also use natural products and organic peelings, which are made of 100% natural ingredients. The most common homemade peeling for the scalp, is the one with a sea salt and essential oils.


  • Use essential oils. In order to have a well-nourished hair and a healthy scalp, you should use essential oils. You apply your favorite essential oil on the scalp. You leave it for 30 minutes and you rinse it with a shampoo.

If you don’t know which oil you should use, we recommend those oils: coconut oil, calendula oil, sweet almond oil, lavender oil, castor oil, garlic oil etc.

You can also mix two or several oils, in order to have a bigger effect.

It is not forbidden to apply the oils every time before the hair wash.


  • Use serums on the split ends. The damaged hair is a result of a lack of hair care. We can never get rid of the split ends, as it’s a normal thing, but, we can prolong its appearance by using serums. You need to apply several drops of serum on the split ends, every time after the hair wash.

The hair detox is just as important as all the other types of detoxes.