How to keep your skin oil- free all day
How to keep your skin oil- free all day

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How to keep your skin oil- free all day


Having an oily skin can be really frustrating. While dry skin can be fixed with applying a moisturizer on your face, with the oily skin you need to find a way how to deal with the excess oil that appears all the time. Oily skin happens for various reasons, such as stress, hormonal changes, poor sleeping habits and using a makeup that block the pores. Oily skin is a very common problem and many people are affected by it. If you are one of them continue reading because we will reveal some tricks about how to keep your skin oil-free all day if you change just a few things in your beauty routine. And here are our advises:

  1. Wash your face with cold water. If you wash your face with cold water it will produce less oil and your skin will not be so shiny. You can also use ice cubes wrapped in a cloth and massage your face with them for a few minutes.
  2. Start your day with a good skin care routine. Your morning routine should include a mild cleanser (we recommend a natural cleanser like the tea tree oil which is perfect for oily skin) and alcohol-free toner and moisturizer.
  3. Before applying makeup, apply primer. An oil control primer is a must if you are prone to oily skin. It will reduce the excess secretion of sebum and will keep your skin matte all day.
  4. Watch what you eat. We are what we eat and drink, that’s why if you want to get rid of oily skin and to have gorgeous glow all day you must avoid spicy and fried food and alcohol. Vitamin A rich vegetables like carrots and spinach can help slow oil production and after a short period you will notice how your skin becomes normal and beautiful.

Incorporate these tricks in your everyday beauty routine and you will be confident in your own skin like never before.