How to hydrate the lips in autumn?
How to hydrate the lips in autumn?

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How to hydrate the lips in autumn?

It is normal for the lips to be drier in autumn. The climate changes, the temperature and the winds are responsible for it. The organism loses vitamins.

The lips can also get dry because of some makeup products. Some of the matte lipsticks make the lips dry and you get “lips like a stone”.

Another factor which leads to dry lips, is the dehydration.

If you take care of your lips on a daily bases, you will avoid having dry and dehydrated lips.



  • Exfoliate the lips. You need to exfoliate the lips before hydrating them. The homemade pilings are the most effective ones. You need sugar and honey. You mix both of them and you apply the mixture on the lips. The honey is very hydrating.


  • Hydrate the lips. The lip balms dry the lips out. We advise you to stop using artificial lip balms. It is better to use natural and homemade lip balms. The honey, the sweet almond oil and the petroleum jelly can hydrate your lips profoundly.

You should also drink a lot of water, even in autumn, so you can have hydrated lips at all times.


  • Save the lips with a cucumber. The cucumber is consisted of 90% of water. To save the lips in 10 minutes, you can cut 2 slices of cucumber and you can put it on your lips. You should wait for 10 minutes and you should apply a shea butter afterwards. It’s a very powerful treatment, which hydrates and nourishes the lips profoundly.


  • Avoid eating salty, acidic and spicy foods. The salty, acidic and spicy foods dry the lips out and irritate them. Because in autumn the lips are dry however, if you eat those kinds of foods, you risk having chapped lips.

It is better to eat foods which hydrate the organism and which contain a lot of water.


  • Protect the lips from the sun. Because the sun dries the lips out, you need to protect them. You can do a homemade lip balm rich with beta – carotene, so you can protect the lips from the UV rays.


It is very important to take care of your lips, in order to have healthy lips. If you take care of your lips, but your lips are dry however, then you should visit your doctor.