How to have white teeth with the help of a makeup?
How to have white teeth with the help of a makeup?

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How to have white teeth with the help of a makeup?

It is very important to have white teeth. You should visit your dentist and you should take care of them every day. But there are people who simply want to have whiter teeth and there are people whose teeth are less white naturally. To camouflage the teeth which are not so white, there are some makeup tricks to begin with.



  • Avoid the red lipstick. The red lipstick is the most popular lipstick which is very popular among the ladies. But this lipstick makes your teeth look yellow, if they are not so white naturally. If you want your teeth to look whiter, and you have naturally yellowish teeth, you have to avoid this lipstick color.


  • Avoid the purple lipsticks. All shades of purple, plum or aubergine accentuate the yellow tinge of teeth. This is why you have to start avoiding them right away, in order to avoid this unwanted effect.


  • Which lipstick color for whiter teeth? The lipsticks with blue shades form a contrast with the teeth color and your teeth look whiter. So, you can wear all the shades of blue for a lipstick.

If you are not a fan of blue lipsticks, then you can use lip-glosses with a blue sub – tone.

You can also try a nude lipstick with a color darker than your complexion color. This color, which is different for everybody, is the best shade for your teeth to look whiter.


  • How to properly choose the lipstick color? Normally, we say that when choosing a lipstick, it is better to apply its tester on the arms. But, if you want to have whiter teeth with makeup, than you will have to choose your lipstick color by applying its tester directly on the lips.

To have white teeth you should also use whitening toothpastes.