How to have plump lips?
How to have plump lips?

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How to have plump lips?

Kylie Jenner started the trend of plump lips. The cosmetic companies started to produce a lot of lipsticks that increase the volume of the lips. But, the augmentation of the lip volume is not a novelty. The aesthetic surgery has found its ways of plumping the lips with injections a long time ago.

Not long ago, Kylie declared that she got rid of her plumped lips, because she has become a mother, but the trend is still current.

It is not so important what is the current trend, because there are always persons who want to have fuller lips.



Because not everybody wants to go and get fuller lips in a hospital, there are also more ‘natural’ ways of getting bigger and fuller lips. Today you can buy and you can choose out of the variety of lipsticks based on collagen and on hyaluronic acid. Those products are safe to be used, because in its content there are molecules which are already present in the human body. The only persons that need to avoid those kinds of lipsticks, are the ones suffering from eczema or other skin diseases and infections.

Another way of getting fuller lips is to brush them with a toothbrush. You can brush them every morning. This is a totally natural technique, but it doesn’t have a very big effect. The lips became fuller, because the brushing improves the microcirculation.

If you decide to try this technique, you need to be careful, in order not to hurt the lips and you need to brush them gently.

If you decide to see a plastic surgeon, the most ‘natural’ method is to get a lip injection, which is based on a hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is already present in the human body, so that is why we consider this method to be natural. The patient can leave just right after the treatment.

If you would like to have plumped lips right away, you can use makeup and improvise with it. You can play with the lipstick and the lip pencil colors and you can get fuller lips. The ombre effect on the lips makes the lips look bigger visually.

The thin lips are a result of genetics or of the skin aging. If you accept yourself as a person, the look of your lips won’t really matter. What is important, is how you feel about yourself and the way you wear your aura.