How to have a fresh and glowing skin?
How to have a fresh and glowing skin?

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How to have a fresh and glowing skin?

Having a fresh and glowing skin is the dream of everybody. But how can we manage to accomplish it and to keep it for a longer period of time? What is the secret? Is it the skin type, the genes, the  facials or the perfect makeup?



  • Use the miraculous tea bags. The chamomile makes miracles for the skin if we drink its tea or if we use it directly on the skin. But the chamomile tea bags can help you improve the state of your skin and to reduce the dark circles. If you put two cooled chamomile tea bags around the eyes for 20 minutes, your dark circles will be gone.


  • Night time the time when the skin regenerates. The night time is the time when the skin regenerates. This is why we should sleep for at least 8 hours, so the skin is able to regenerate itself. You should also remove the makeup and your face should be clean, because if that’s not the case, you will waste 8 hours for nothing. If the skin is not clean, the regeneration will not be successful. You should also use nighttime face masks to improve the microcirculation and to exfoliate the skin to get rid of the dead cells.


  • Hydrate the skin! To have a fresh and glowing skin, it is essential to hydrate the skin. This means that you need to drink a lot of water and you need to use a proper hydrating face care. It is not possible to have a glowing skin if the skin is dehydrated.


  • Try to solve the skin problems. Every skin has a need of a specific care. You need to give the proper care to your skin, in order to have a perfect skin. This means that if you have acne problems, you should solve them by using a black mask. If you have rushes, you need to use cosmetics based on calendula. If you have wrinkles you will need an anti – aging care.


Don’t forget that the balanced diet is also necessary for a glowing skin.