How to grow the eyebrows?
How to grow the eyebrows?

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How to grow the eyebrows?

To make your hair grow is easy. Today there are a lot of shampoos for hair growth. But how to grow the eyebrows?

It is possible that you either have a thin and fine eyebrow naturally, or, you have had an unsuccessful tweezing and now you desperately want to grow your eyebrows.

Don’t worry, we have the best advice on how to grow the eyebrows fast and naturally.



  • Massage the eyebrow’s zone. A good microcirculation stimulates the hair growth. This is why it is recommended to massage the face and the zone where the eyebrows are. The massages improve the microcirculation. You can massage the zone as long and as much as you want, because the massages are not harmful, but on the contrary, they are very pleasant.


  • Garlic for thick eyebrows. Yes, the garlic indeed stimulates the hair and the eyebrows growth. The garlic juice improves the blood circulation and it has an anti – bacterial effect. It is also a cure against a lot of scalp diseases. It is a very simple solution to stimulate the growth of the eyebrows. You will see the results in 4 – 6 weeks. It is sufficient to put a garlic juice on the eyebrows. Wash the eyebrows with a cold water afterwards.


  • Castor oil, your beauty ally. The castor oil can also stimulate the hair growth. You can massage the eyebrows once a day with a castor oil, in order to improve the microcirculation. You can also add 3 drops of castor oil in your eyebrow serum, in order to get a bigger effect.


  • Take vitamin supplements. It is well known that the vitamins can stimulate the growth of the hair, the nails and the eyebrows. All the types of vitamin B stimulate the growth of the hair, the nails and the eyebrows. Of course, you have to eat fruits and vegetables which are rich with vitamin B, but, if you want to grow the eyebrows faster, we recommend to take vitamin supplements. Because the vitamins stay for only one day in our organism, you will have to take them every day.


You need to take a good care of your eyebrows, in order to have thick eyebrows.