How to get thick eyelashes naturally?
How to get thick eyelashes naturally?

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How to get thick eyelashes naturally?

The eyelashes are a sign of sensuality and the longer the eyelashes the woman looks more sensual. Not only that the eyelashes should be long, but they should be thick too.
Some women have blond eyelashes and some have short eyelashes, which is an aesthetic problem. If you have blond eyelashes, you should use a black mascara so you can emphasize them, but if your eyelashes are short and thin, you have to find a way to grow them.



Eyelashes extensions?  The eyelashes extensions are a solution if you have thin eyelashes, or even if you have long and thick ones, sometimes you want to emphasize them even more. But are they safe? Well, they're safe if they're not cheap eyelashes with toxins and if the glue is also a good glue. If they're cheap you can get allergies, eye swelling, eye rashes and you can lose your natural lashes. So, please be careful when choosing the eyelashes extensions.


You need to be gentle with your eyelashes. The eyelashes can fall off if you rub your eyes a lot or even if you remove the makeup the wrong way. You have to be gentle with your eyelashes because they fall off very easily. 


Use an eyelash serum. The eyelash serums are especially made to help you grow your eyelashes, make them thicker and give them a natural shine. You have to use a bio and natural serum and not another one because you won't get results. There are many natural serums which give you the best results after few weeks.
The serum should be used on cleansed eyelashes. You have to remove your makeup before applying it.


- Be careful with the mascara.  The mascara is a very important part of everyone's makeup routine. You have to be careful which mascara are you using. You can't use any kind of mascara because it might contain toxins which will make your eyelashes fall.
You should definitely avoid the waterproof mascaras, because they will definitely make your eyelashes fall.
The mascara should be a natural one because you use it every day.


You should also consume vitamins, because the lack of vitamins can also make you lose eyelashes.