How to get rid of the stress?
How to get rid of the stress?

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How to get rid of the stress?

The stress has became a normal thing in our everyday lives. No! The stress is not something that we should accept as normal and we have to find some solutions to get rid of it. The stress causes serious diseases, such as cancer. Because the skin is the biggest organ, it is not stress immune. The stress can cause acne, scratchy pimples, allergies and severe irritations and may have an influence on the premature skin aging. It is essential to prevent and to get rid of the stress, in order to stay in a good health.



- Do sports. Doing sports is very important in order to stay in a good health and in order to get rid of the stress. Every physical activity helps in detoxifying the skin, in recovering the lost energy, in being happy and in finding the sleep. 

Stress, what was that?


- Find a time to be alone. You have problems at work, you missed the bus this morning and you are stressed now. It is essential to find some time to be alone, in order to calm yourself down. You can apply a facial mask, do a scrub or put some nail polish. We advise you to do something for yourself, such as a beauty treatment, because by doing a facial treatment, you have done something for yourself and you see the result instantly. 


- Use essential oils. The aromatherapy is very efficient with the fight against the stress. The best oil which will help you get rid of the stress is the lavender oil. The lavender oil is also recommended for an oily skin. If you use this oil regularly, you can remedy the skin and get rid of the stress at the same time. It's a wining combination.


- Drink tea. Some teas have an aromatherapy effect and calm the organism. The chamomile tea and the mint tea are the best which help with finding the sleep and which are very beneficial for the general health. 

The good sleep is essential in order to stay in a good mood and in order to have a healthy skin.


We only live once, so it's a shame to be stressed.