How to get rid of the cellulite by two weeks and less
How to get rid of the cellulite by two weeks and less

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How to get rid of the cellulite by two weeks and less

You have already did some exercises and you have already used some anti - cellulite body lotions, but the cellulite is now on the surface and you need to get rid of it soon? If your reply is "yes" than we have found some solutions for you so you can get rid of it naturally.



1. Eliminate the cellulite in two weeks. To eliminate the cellulite in two weeks, you should try this homemade recipe with which you can do a scrub and a massage. 

The ingredients are: olive oil and coffee grounds.

Normally, the quantity is 5 drops of olive oil and 5 tablespoons of coffee grounds, but the real quantity depends on you and on your desires, according to its usage on the body.

You can either do a scrub, by massaging the skin or you can just massage the skin.You need to repeat the procedure twice a week in order to get faster results.


2. Eliminate the cellulite in a week. All of the anti - cellulite lotions are based on caffeine. So, why not use a caffeine in order to make a homemade anti - cellulite body lotion? To prepare it, you will need: lemon juice and 50 cl of very full-bodied coffee.

You put the ingredients in a bottle and you shake it. You wait for 24 h afterwards.

You can use this lotion for a week. 

- If you don't like using the caffeine, we have found another recipe. To prepare it, you will need: olive oil and lemon oil. 

You can apply this lotion before going to bed. You will have the results by a week.


3. All of the anti - cellulite essential oils. Did you know that some essential oils can help you remove the cellulite? This is a small list of some of those oils: olive oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil, cedarwood oil, sage oil, sea fennel oil, clary sage oil, cypress oil, niaouli oil and lemon eucalyptus oil.