How to fix the broken makeup products?
How to fix the broken makeup products?

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How to fix the broken makeup products?

You bought the blush from your dreams, the magical eye shadow or the compact powder which is perfect for your complexion, but unfortunately it broke (oh no!) …

We have found helpful tips on how to fix and maintain the broken makeup products, in order to avoid the stress and so you are able to use them.



  1. To fix a broken eye shadow you will need:


  • Aluminum paper
  • 70 ° alcohol
  • A small hammer
  • A coin
  • A sheet of paper towel

You put the eye shadow on the aluminum paper. You fold the paper on two and you tap it with the hammer until you have a powder. You put the powder in its container and you add few drops of the alcohol. You put the sheet of paper tower on the eye shadow and you put the coin on the sheet of paper tower and leave it until it is dried.


A method without alcohol - If you have a sensitive skin, you will have to use this method which is alcohol free. You will need a clothes iron.

Before starting, you have to make sure that either the eye shadow, the blush or the compact powder are in a metallic container. Most of the makeup products are in a plastic container, so please be careful!

You also need to put the content on a piece of paper and break it on very small pieces. Afterwards, you put the content in a metallic container and you press it with a spoon. To fix the product, you need to press it with the iron. You press it two times for 15 seconds. To finish, you only need to wait for the powder to cool out.


Both of the techniques can be used on blushes and compact powders too.


  1. To fix a broken lipstick you will need:


  • A sheet of paper towel
  • A lighter

You need to put the broken lipstick on the sheet of paper towel and you put them in the fridge. After ten minutes, you take the lighter so you can inflame the lipstick on its broken point, so you can repair it. When the lipstick is no longer broken and it is stuck, you need to put it in the fridge one more time. When the lipstick is cooled out enough, you can use it.


Enjoy using your fixed makeup!