How to fake a tan with only makeup?
How to fake a tan with only makeup?

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How to fake a tan with only makeup?


Everybody wants to look tanned. If you don’t use self-tanners and if you don’t want to expose your skin on the sun, but, you would like to look tanned, we have found the perfect makeup tricks on how to fake a tan with using only makeup. The makeup is really an art, so with these tricks you can easily fake your tan.



To start, don’t forget to hydrate the skin with your daily cream.

On the market we can find colored drops, with which you can color your skin naturally and which don’t contain self – tanners. So, after you hydrated your skin with the daily cream, now, you can apply several colored drops.

After the colored drops, you should apply either the BB or the CC cream that you usually use.

After the BB or the CC cream, you apply a bronzer. But, please be careful! If you would like to obtain a natural look, you should apply the bronzer with a brush, only on few parts of your face: the nose, the forehead and the cheeks.

To get a fresh look, you can also apply a rose or a peach blush. The rose blush is recommended for the persons with a rose tan and the peach blush applies to everybody, especially for the blonds.

For the eyes, we recommend nude or golden eye shadows. You complete the look with a golden eye pencil. For those of you that like to experiment, we recommend you to try a golden mascara too.

Because the tanned skin looks more luminous, you should also use a golden highlighter, so you can easily fake the tan.

For the lips, you should use a nude lip pencil for starters. You apply a nude lipstick afterwards, which looks good on everybody. If your tan is beige naturally or if you are blond, you can also try a peach lipstick.


To finish, you should apply a makeup fixer spray and that’s it! You are ready to conquer the world!