How to do your own highlighter at home?
How to do your own highlighter at home?

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How to do your own highlighter at home?


The highlighter has become popular several years ago. We use it to illuminate the face, in order to get the effect of the perfect glowing skin. By illuminating the face, we emphasize its beautiful characteristics.

We also use the highlighter to be able to do well the makeup techniques successfully, such as the strobing.

So, the highlighter has became an inevitable part of our makeup routine.

If you still can’t find the highlighter’s shade from your dreams, then you can use our two recipes to do it yourself at home.



  • The hydrating highlighter. You need to use a hydrating face cream in order to prepare this highlighter for the persons with a dry skin, but it can also be used by the others. A hydrated skin has the best glow.

To prepare this highlighter you will need:


  • A facial cream (it is better if it’s the daily face cream)
  • A creamy and shiny eyeshadow with a color of your choice (you can also mix several colors in order to get the wanted color)

You need to grind the eyeshadows. They should be powdered so you are able to mix them with the facial cream.

So, it is very easy to make it: you only mix the facial cream with the eyeshadow until you get a homogenous mixture. Than you wait until it stirs.

You can put the new highlighter in a clean box of an old highlighter. If it’s not cleaned, then you risk mixing the colors and ruining the highlighter’s structure.


  • Get the desired shade directly on the face. Another way of getting the desired shade of highlighter is by creating the shade directly on the face. The difference between this way of creating a highlighter and the previous one, is that you can use and preserve the previous highlighter because it’s in a box. You can’t preserve this highlighter as sometimes, you can’t get the same color even if you use exactly the same products.

To get this kind of highlighter, you can use several highlighters, creamy shivering eyeshadows or shiny lip-glosses and other shiny products.


Enjoy the highlighter from your dreams and be the queen of the night!