How to do your makeup like a Disney princess?
How to do your makeup like a Disney princess?

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How to do your makeup like a Disney princess?

All of the girls want to be princesses. When we were children, we used to watch all of the Disney cartoons with all those beautiful princesses. 

But why shouldn't we be princesses today?

With those advices you can be a Disney princess for a day or even for more days.

Choose your favorite princess and start.



Princess Jasmine (Aladdin). If you have a black hair and if you want to wear clothes blue like the sky you're the princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

To start, put the face powder that you usually use.

We start with the eyes: You put white eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye. You use darker shades afterwards. This means you should put white shadows but darker than the first one, even nude ones and very light violet eye shadows.

You apply a black eyeliner and a mascara.

For the lips, we recommend using a rose nude lipstick and you need to emphasize the lips by applying a rose nude lip pencil, but it should be one shade darker than the lipstick.


 Pocahontas. If you love the nature and the animals and if you're a simple, but strong woman, you're Pocahontas.

To get the look, you will need a simple makeup. 

You put a BB or a CC cream.You put nude eye shadows afterwards. You apply either a black eyeliner or a black eye pencil and some mascara.

For the lips, you apply a a nude lip pencil and a nude matte lipstick.


Esmeralda. If you're a creative person and if you love when the justice is served, you're Esmeralda or a free spirit.

To copy her look, you apply the face powder that you usually use. You apply gray eye shadows and a black eyeliner. So, you can have smokey eyes. In the end you apply the mascara.

For the lips, we recommend using a nude lip gloss. 


It doesn't matter which princess you turn to be, but what is important is how you feel about yourself. At the end of the day, the real princesses are all women with a strong character.