How to do the eyebrows with makeup?
How to do the eyebrows with makeup?

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How to do the eyebrows with makeup?

The eyebrows are very important for leaving a good impression. The face and your face’s look change right away when your eyebrows are well done.

Your eyebrows should always be well nourished and well brushed. The well-made eyebrows with makeup, intensify the look and leave the impression of a seductive look.

It is essential for both, men and women, to have well done eyebrows.



  • Nourish the eyebrows. To have thick eyebrows naturally, you need to nourish them regularly. You need to use essential oils which favorize the growth of the eyebrows.

You need to use garlic oil, nettle oil or castor oil several times per week.


  • Wax or tweeze and brush the eyebrows. We can not put a makeup on eyebrows which are not waxed or tweezed and brushed. It is very important to take a good care of our eyebrows. Because there are few ways to remove the extra hair of the eyebrows, if you are not sure how to manage it, it is always better to go and visit a pro. When it comes to a hair removal on the face, it is always better not to take risks and go to a pro, in order to obtain the desired result.


  • Brush the eyebrows. Before putting a makeup on the eyebrows, you need to brush them. To brush them, you can either use an eyebrow mascara or a special eyebrow brush. If you have blanc spaces, you should definitely use a mascara, which will fulfill them.


  • An eyebrow pencil to define the eyebrows. The color of the eyebrows should have a darker shade than the hair color. If you haven’t dyed your hair, it will be easier for you to find the best eyebrow pencil. The eyebrow pencil is important, because you define the eyebrows with it. You color the eyebrows with it.


  • Use eyebrow shadows. To fulfil the blanc spaces on the eyebrows, you need to use eyebrow shadows. If you don’t have eyebrow shadows at home, you can use eyeshadows. You need to mix brown and black eyeshadows to obtain the natural color of your eyebrows.


Before putting a makeup on the eyebrows, don’t forget to put a translucent powder on them.