How to do a homemade anti - age serum?
How to do a homemade anti - age serum?

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How to do a homemade anti - age serum?

Sometimes it is difficult to find the ideal facial cream. It is even more difficult for the people with a dry skin. The mature skin is naturally more drier. This type of skin should be nourished profoundly. It's the serum which nourishes the skin profoundly and which is more efficient than the facial creams. If you combine the facial cream with a face serum, you will get your winning combination.

We have found some recipes on how to do a homemade anti - age serum:



- A combination of oils. To prepare an anti - age serum which is very nourishing and very easy to do at the same time, you need to mix argan oil and sweet almond oil in a bottle. 

Apply the serum by massaging the skin so the mixture can penetrate more quickly into your skin. 


- A very efficient serum. This serum is very efficient, very hydrating and very nourishing. It cost a lot less than the other serums which are not made at home. It is also very easy to do it. To make a 30 ml of the serum, you will need: 20 ml of rosehip essential oil, 10 ml of argan essential oil, 4 drops of  cistus essential oil and 3 drops of rose geranium essential oil.

In a small bottle, add the ingredients and mix them.

You apply the mixture by massaging the skin. You apply 3 drops of this serum every morning before applying the face cream. 


- A serum which lifts the skin. You can use this serum to lift the skin around the eyes and around the lips. You need to apply it on a cleansed skin.

To do this serum, you will need: 10 ml sweet almond essential oil, 5 ml of rose hip essential oil and 1 drop of vitamin E.

Mix the ingredients well. The ingredients do a homogeneous liquid very quickly. 


All of the serums are very hydrating and very nourishing. They have repairing properties.

They also cost less than other serums, are more efficient, because they're natural and organic and they don't contain toxins.