How to create a homemade perfume for men?
How to create a homemade perfume for men?

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How to create a homemade perfume for men?

We already know how to create a perfume for us and for our children, but we can also do a natural perfume for our men.
Men also use a lot of perfumes and toilet waters.

If your man doesn't want to create his own perfume, then you can surprise him with a bottle of love.



The base of each perfume. Because the perfume notes for women are different from the perfume notes for men, those are the notes of the base:

*top notes: aromatic or citrus
*heart notes: spicy, floral or fruity scents
* base notes: woody notes

You mix the scents with a vodka.
Normally, you can use essential oils in order to create the perfume.
Leave the fragrance for 15 days away from heat and light.
So, you can do his favorite perfume or you can invent a new one.


A sweet perfume. If you don't have any ideas on what kind of perfume you want to create, we have found a recipe for a perfume which has a sweet smell. To prepare it you will need:

*30 ml of vodka
*7 drops of lime essential oil
*70 ml of witch hazel hydrosol
*1 drop of ylang-ylang essential oil
*1 drop of essential oil of benzoin from Siam
*5 drops of sandalwood essential oil
*3 drops of essential oil of rosewood

You mix the vodka with the essential oils and you add the hydrosol
You should also leave the perfume away from heat and light. 
If you conserve it away from heat and light, you will be able to use it for several years.


Fresh fragrance. To create a fresh fragrance for men, which can also be used in summer, you will need:

* 6 drops of bergamot oil
* 2 drops of cedar oil
* 6 drops of sweet orange oil
* 12 drops of benzoin tincture
* 4 drops of lemon juice
* 4 drops of essential oil of vanilla
* 8 drops of rosewood oil
* 6 drops of patchouli oil
* 6 drops of Clary sage oil

Mix the ingredients with vodka in a bottle.
Juts like for the other perfumes, put the perfume away from light and heat.