How to choose the structure of your lipstick?
How to choose the structure of your lipstick?

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How to choose the structure of your lipstick?

A matte lipstick, a satin lipstick, a creamy lipstick, a long-wearing lipstick ...

On the market there are a lot of cosmetic products and a lot of different types of lipstick. It is difficult to find the perfect lipstick.



  • Matte lipsticks. The matte lipsticks give a specific look to your lips and they are the opposition of the glossy and creamy lipsticks. Yes, they look cool, but, all of the matte lipsticks dry the lips, which is not cool at all.

If you’re a fan of matte lipsticks, you should apply a lip oil before applying the lipstick in order to hydrate the lips.


  • Satin lipsticks. The satin lipsticks don’t dry the lips, but they don’t last long on the lips. This type of lipstick nourishes the lips and can also contain supplementary vitamins.

This type of lipstick can be used by everybody and because it makes the lips look bigger visually, it is especially recommended for older women. This lipstick ‘deletes’ the wrinkles.


  • Metallic lipsticks. The metallic lipstick is the new lipstick for the braver ones. It’s a mix of a matte and of a satin lipstick.

To apply it properly, you need to apply a matte lipstick first and then apply the metallic one.


  • Tinted lip balm. The lip balm is ideal for a daily look. It is perfect for everybody, especially for the ones who don’t want to wear makeup.

Normally, all of the lip balms have a creamy structure, which has a sweet smell and which contains vitamins. The lip balms protect the skin from the UV rays.


To make no matter which type of lipstick last longer, you should apply a compact face powder on the lips, before applying the lipstick.