How to be like a Pro make-up artist
How to be like a Pro make-up artist

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How to be like a Pro make-up artist

How many times did it happen to you, to do your best and makeup the most beautiful you can, but still your work just never comes out looking as amazing as the pros? Are they blessed with a little makeup magic or they have some insider info that we don’t know or what is the secret?

The team from Crystal Secret visited one famous Make-up artist and we asked him “to reveal us a few secrets from his make-up basket”.

First of all, make sure your skin is perfectly clean and moisturized. Than wait five minutes before you apply foundation to let moisturizer sink in the skin. Primer can minimize pores and mattify your face, but is not an important part of the procedure. Before putting on your foundation, test it on your jawline and if it fits to your tan then take the foundation brush or blender and start the action. The Beauty-blender Sponge is favorite among pros!

The concealer comes after foundation and not before! Use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin with small brush to cover the darkest part of under-eye circles. At the end put on some translucent powder, it reflects the light and helps skin glow.

For the natural-looking brows use a small, thin brush or a slim brow pencil.

If you have smaller eyes avoid using dark shades. Instead go for a lighter version. Same with big eyes, light shades will only make them look bigger, so go for some deeper shades.

And at the end the lips. The key is in the layer. First fill your lips with lip liner that matches your lipstick and then apply a light layer of lipstick. Dust a light layer from the translucent powder over the top and then repeat the process.

And that’s it! Easy!