How to apply makeup – a guide for the beginners
How to apply makeup – a guide for the beginners

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How to apply makeup – a guide for the beginners

There are a lot of people who are beginners when it comes to applying makeup. There are younger ones and older ones.

Yes, we know that it’s not an easy thing for you. You don’t know which products you should use and how to use them. You can’t tell if the product is good or not good.

But don’t worry. Our guide can help you.



  • The mascara – your best friend. The mascara is a must! It is a very important product as it accentuates the eyes. Is there someone who doesn’t want to accentuate the eyes? The size and the color of your eyes are not important. A black mascara is the first thing that you need to buy and use.

We advise you not to buy cheap mascaras, as they can dry out very quickly and you also risk of losing your lashes. You shouldn’t save money on the mascara, as a good mascara will last for a year, even if you use it daily.

To apply the mascara properly, you should start by closing the eye and by applying the mascara from the beginning of your eyelashes (the part close to your eyelid). Open the eye and apply the mascara once again.


  • The lips. Because you are beginners, we advise you to use a nude lipstick. The nude lipstick looks good on everyone.

It is not very easy to find the perfect lipstick color, as there are important factors to look at, before choosing the color. You need to take everything in mind, the hair, the complexion and the eyes color. You should also pay attention to the color of the clothes. So, it is easier to use a nude lipstick, which looks good on everybody.


  • A BB or a CC cream. Because it is hard to find the perfect face powder, we advise you to use a BB or a CC cream. Its structure is very light and this type of cream can be used by everybody. Normally, we say that the BB cream is for younger ones and the CC for the more mature skins.

The mascara, the lipstick and the BB or the CC cream are the essential products for every woman.