Hands-the biggest indicator of our age!
Hands-the biggest indicator of our age!

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Hands-the biggest indicator of our age!

Did you know that the biggest indicator of our age is nowhere near our face? As we age, the skin on our hands starts to thin and our veins become more visible. Bony, wrinkled hands, skeleton hands are natural part of aging. As we get older, the collagen and fat in our hands break down over time. This leads to a wrinkled, bony look on our hands. So, our hands can tell a lot about us.

From age spots to ragged cuticles and dry skin, there are many signs that can reveal our age:

Age spots are sun spots that are often a sign of how much time we’ve spent in the sun in past years. They can be removed with laser, chemical peels, or freezing with a liquid nitrogen spray. Or, we can prevent age spots by using different sunscreens. Those with broad spectrum of UVA protection are the best.


Ragged nails and cuticles are the other sign of ageing.  Our cuticles can help seal the nail and keep out bacteria and fungus. This is why we shouldn’t cut them or push them back too hard. Cutting and overly vigorous pushing will make them thick and crack allowing infection to get under the skin. We should always keep our cuticles supple and well moisturized with a rich cuticle cream that will help prevent brittleness, breaking, chipping, and hangnails. Plus, cutting nails short and wearing a flesh-toned polish can give hands much more youthful look.


Dry skin is also a flaky and parched skin and it is the biggest sign of the number of our years. That’s why, we should always keep our hands moisturized. Topical creams that contain retinol or antioxidants such as Vitamin C, green tea, or coffee extracts will help to even the skin tone and stimulate collagen synthesis by giving our hands a smooth, refreshed appearance.


And the last but not least, wearing gloves is very important as they can protect our hands from “getting old”.