Halloween makeup ideas
Halloween makeup ideas

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Halloween makeup ideas

It is Halloween in two days and you still haven’t found your costume?

Sometimes, you should be creative and invent your costume. If you don’t have a clue at all, we have found several makeup ideas that you can use with or without a costume.

We are not big fans of the ‘scary costumes’, so, our ideas are for ‘less scary’ costumes and more creative ones.



  • A witch. The witch costume is a very popular costume for Halloween. There are ‘bad’ and ‘good’ witches. The difference is in the makeup. For this costume, it is up to you to decide if you will wear a lot or less makeup, because the costume already tells a story.

You can either put an every day makeup, or you can draw the attention to you. If you want to draw the attention, then you should use some weird lipstick, like a green one and you can draw some symbols on your face. You can also draw a scary symbol and put a black lipstick.


  • A doll. It’s another very popular Halloween costume. It is also easy to make it, as there are a lot of different dolls out there. If you are not talented in art, then you can be whatever doll you wish to be. For example, the Barbie is very easy to be made. You won’t need a lot of makeup, just a mascara and a lipstick. There are a lot of different Barbie dolls today, so, it should be very easy.

If you want to be a different doll, then you should accentuate the eyes, this means to make them look bigger visually. You should put a mascara on the eyelashes below and you need to make your lips look smaller visually.


  • A vampire. This is also not a difficult makeup. You will only need vampire teeth. You should use a very bright foundation and your face should be very pale. You should put a red lipstick and you should accentuate the eyes. What will you wear is not so important, as the vampires wear the same clothes as we do, to hide themselves from the people.

Happy Halloween!