Get your glowing skin after waxing by following these simple tips
Get your glowing skin after waxing by following these simple tips

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Get your glowing skin after waxing by following these simple tips

The wrong technique of waxing is one of the reasons of having bumps after waxing. Also, the harsh chemical filled waxing ingredients can be a cause of getting these bumps and pimples, especially if the skin is sensitive. Those with sensitive skin type can also get bumps because of the pulling and tugging of the hairs. So, if you are among those that end up with bumps after waxing, you should follow the right ways to deal with the after-wax bumps.

Here are some of the best ways for preventing pimples and bumps after waxing:

First: Prepare your skin

This is the part that almost everyone escapes. Before start make sure your skin is clean with a mild cleanser. This will help you to eliminate the problem with the after-wax bumps.


Second: The right wax is essential

Store bought waxes are full of chemicals. So, the best way to prevent the skin from after-waxing bumps is to make your own cold wax. You can prepare a mixed paste of honey, sugar and lemon juice.


Third: Wax the right way

As we mentioned before, the appearance of pimples and bumps after waxing can be a result of the tugging and pulling of the hairs. So, make sure that you get waxed only from an expert who has the right knowledge and experience about it.


Fourth: After waxing care

After waxing, the first thing that you should do is wash your skin with lukewarm water. And then continue with washing the skin with cold water. This will remove any remaining trace of the wax on the skin and close the open pores that can lead to bums and pimples. At the end path dry the skin very gently and apply pure Aloe Vera gel on the freshly waxed skin, to soothe it.


DO NOT exfoliate your skin before waxing as it can lead to reaction with the hot wax and plus the process will be much painful.