Get rid of those sun spots on your skin!
Get rid of those sun spots on your skin!

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Get rid of those sun spots on your skin!

If you are wondering what those spots on your skin are, the answer is those are spots derived from excessive sun exposure. There are white or light spots and brown or dark spots which can be accompanied by other age spots. So, in this article, we will tell you what you need to know to improve their appearance. By using one of the following methods, you will succeed in fading away those stubborn stains on your skin.


White Spots on Skin

White spots on skin tend to appear on the areas of the arms and legs. They are different from the brown spots not only in color but also in why they form. White spots appear when the pigment of the skin is destroyed. Further, the loss of pigment causes white patches on the skin. They are harmless but, cannot be removed. However, you can prevent more white spots from appearing by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen and wearing protective clothing.


Brown Spots on Skin

Brown spots are easier to deal with because there is a possibility that can improve their appearance by fading them to a significant degree. They are often accompanied by other signs of sun damage, like dull, ashy-looking skin. You can improve their appearance with an alpha hydroxy acid lotion or, a beta hydroxy acid body lotion. Those are the fastest and most gentle ways to remove the dark sun patches.




Which products are best?

The best products for fading the appearance of brown spots are those that contain 2% hydroquinone. Plus, always protect exposed skin from UV light with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Other products that work well and can improve the look of discolorations are those that contain vitamin C, niacinamide, and azelaic acid.