Get rid of bacne!
Get rid of bacne!

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Get rid of bacne!

Acne on the back also called bacne can be very painful and difficult to treat. They can appear at any age and occur due to several reasons such as: medication, wrong diet, sweat, stress or genetics. The process to cure back acne can be very slow and sometimes without any results. 


But, we will show you the perfect steps for getting rid of the annoying bacne.


  1. The very first step for removing bacne is the clean laundry. Laundry must be cleaned regularly including the bedding.This will prevent the germs from causing acne due to presence of dirt. The laundry detergent plays a major role here too.


  1. The Tea Tree oil is the most used to treat variety of skin related issues. With applying this oil on the affected area and leaved overnight the bacteria that cause acne will be treated well.


  1. Those with long hair tend to add oil and dirt to the skin of the back which can cause acne and breakouts. Putting the hair in a bun or a ponytail is necessary to avoid the bacne. Also, washing the hair on a regular basis is necessary too.


  1. Exfoliating is great for getting rid of back acne. Acne in presence of oxygen tend to die so, in order to open up the clogged pores, we need to exfoliate regularly. This will remove the dead skin cells and layer of grime accumulated on the back skin.


  1. Zinc is very effective for acne. It can be applied directly to the skin.


  1. Using a lotion which contains benzoyl peroxide is highly recommended too. This ingredient has acne-fighting property which not only opens the pores but also kills acne.


  1. Vitamin A is very effective in treating acne and breakouts on the back.