Get a fresh look with only makeup
Get a fresh look with only makeup

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Get a fresh look with only makeup

We all have days when we are tired and we have big dark circles. But, sometimes, instead of sleeping, we have to drink coffee and we have to find the energy to proceed with the obligations. So, how to hide the gray, tired complexion with only makeup?



  • The makeup base is very important. In order to have a fresh-looking skin, you need to cleanse the skin every morning and you need to nourish it before applying makeup. you should use face washes based on calendula to calm the skin and to reinforce its immunity system. You should apply your daily cream afterwards. The daily cream is a sufficient makeup base. You shouldn’t use other types of makeup bases if you want your skin to look fresh.


  • A BB or a CC cream instead of a face powder. To get a fresh look, you don’t need to apply a lot of makeup. The face powder will give the unwanted ‘mask’ look, which means your face will look like you have a mask on it because your skin is tired. This is why the best solution would be to use either a BB or a CC cream to hide the grey complexion. Those creams give fresh and hydrated look.


  • A white eye pencil to open the eyes. The white eye pencil can help you open the eyes especially if you have small eyes. The white eye pencil can help you hide the tiredness and to refresh the complexion. You should also apply a mascara. The mascara is obligatory because the white eye pencil can make your eyelashes white. The mascara will also emphasize your eyes.


  • The highlighter – your savior. The highlighter is your savior when your complexion is grey. You can apply it on the nose, on the upper corner of your upper lip, on the cheeks and on the eyes. It will illuminate your gray complexion. Regarding its color, you can use a white, a peachy or a gold highlighter. This depends on your complexion color.


  • The blush is obligatory. In order to have a fresh look, you should use the blush. The blush, either the rose or the orange one makes your skin look healthy and fresh. So, find the blush that you like and start doing your makeup.