Foot care: how to have beautiful feet?
Foot care: how to have beautiful feet?

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Foot care: how to have beautiful feet?

The feet are a part of the human body which is very sensitive. The feet can become dry and damaged if we don’t take a good care of them. The bad shoes and the bad heels can do no good for them.

The feet carry all our body weight and they deserve to be well cared for. So, how should we care for them?



  • Do scrubs. In order to have soft feet, you need to do regular scrubs. There are a lot of scrubs based on sea salt which soften the feet. You can also prepare your own homemade scrub using salt and essential oils. The best essential oils for the feet are the lavender oil and the mint oil. You should also do the scrubs at least once a week.


  • Wash the feet. On the days when you won’t do scrubs, you can wash the feet with a water in which you have put several drops of your favorite essential oil. It’s a way of relaxing and nourishing the feet.


  • Nourish the feet. After the scrub or after the feet wash, you need to nourish them. You need to use a foot cream based on sweet almond oil, or, a shea butter. Both of the alternatives are very nourishing. After you have put a foot cream or a shea butter, you need to put on socks and sleep with them.


  • The power of the tea tree oil on the feet. If you have infections on the nails, you need to use a tea tree oil to cure them. You will have the results in 3 days. But be careful: you have to go in a cosmetic salon and do a pedicure before using this oil.

If you have a problem with bad smell on the feet, you can use a foot powder based on tea tree oil, to eliminate the bacteria. The bacteria are a result of uncomfortable shoes. You also shouldn’t leave your feet wet.


To have soft feet, you have to take a good care of them.